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About Us

The Reatta Division has made great strides in its efforts to convince car collectors that the Reatta is the one to be on your list as the finest collectible of the future. Even though we are a relatively new group we have cut new roads to educate car collectors about the unique qualities of the Reatta with its many gadgets that are so far ahead of their time service personnel were not prepared and adequately trained to service these cars which leaves quite a few owners searching for qualified service. We, the members, make every effort to provide guidance, encouragement and maybe an extra part or two to help you continue to enjoy your Reatta.

Shortly after the announcement of the final model production in May 1991, Reatta owner, Dr. John Forrette, had the foresight to see a time in the future that would place Reatta owners in an undesirable position of mechanical and parts support. Reatta owners fell in love with Buick’s luxury two seater and they weren’t likely to want to abandon them any time soon. But, with the release of the overall production numbers (21,751), there were more questions than answers. Dr. Forrette contacted Buick Motor Division for assistance and was provided with a list of the original owners. From this initial contact, a database was set up and a modest newsletter initiated. Due to the small production numbers, Reatta owners were thinly spread throughout the United States which created another problem. With so few how would we ever be able to keep communications at an acceptable level? 

There was a great thirst for knowledge from the membership about the car in general and their cars specifically. It was obvious to many that we needed to expand in dimensions and to do so as a solitary group was unlikely. It was a natural outreach from this concern that the group partitioned the Buick Club of America to form the first ever Division of the BCA. 

Now, over ten years later, the Reatta Division has grown in numbers with members in most every state and even world wide. We publish a quarterly newsletter which can be found on this web site and conduct an annual general membership meeting at the Buick Club of America National Meet. Also at the Meet our members have come to look forward to the Reatta Rendezvous where all enjoy an evening of camaraderie and story telling.

Thank you for stopping by our website. Contact any officer for answers to your questions about the Reatta or if you need assistance.